Lemon Detox Diet 7 Day Pack

Neera Natural One Week Pack, the Improved Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanser Diet Kit

by Neera Natural
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  • one Himalayan Sea Salt and a quick reference guide. This is the diet made famous by Beyonce and other celebrities.
  • Convenient kit includes everything needed to do the diet for one week except lemon juice.
  • Neera Natural, the Lemon Detox and Cleansing Lifestyle Plan, is the improved version of the famous Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanser diet.

Product description

Cleanse your body and lose excess weight with the diet made famous by Beyonce and other celebrities. This is the improved version of the Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanser diet featuring Madal Bal Syrup.- Madal Bal Syrup is a special blend of grade C Canadian maple syrup and palm syrups from South Asia. Madal Bal Syrup is formulated specifically for the diet. It is more nutritious and makes the diet easier and improves results.- The Neera Natural one week kit includes everything needed to do the diet for 5-7 days except lemon juice which we recommend you squeeze fresh. - "I have done the Stanley Burrough's Master Cleanser diet many times, almost religiously. I love the diet but it isn't always easy. I tried your version of the diet with the Madal Bal Syrup and I have to say I noticed that I felt better with your syrup than just regular grade-B syrup. I had more energy and was less hungry. You can even see the difference in the syrups. Your syrup looks so much thicker and darker. I'm only going to use maple syrup on my pancakes for now on. Thank you!" J. Goss, Ft. Myers, Florida - For more information please visit our web site but cutting and pasting the following link: www.NeeraNatural.com

Neera Natural Family-B pack

by Neera Natural Health
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  • Sirop de salvia
  • 6 cans of Madal Bal Syrup
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Product description

An improved blend of palm and maple syrups formulated especially for the Neera Natural Lemon Detox and Cleansing Lifestyle Plan. Each one liter (33.8 oz) can will provide enough for a 5-7 day cleanse.

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The black, odor-less additive is being combined with hemp seeds, lemon zest or spinach and sold to the health conscious in labels by Juice Served Here, Juice Generation, and LuliTonix. Let's be clear. It's not the stuff found in So for seven days I

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However, the plan suggests taking the leftovers from dinner dishes like zucchini pasta with spinach lemon pesto or chilled avocado and cucumber soup, for lunch the next day. When I couldn't cook or cart food to work, I just ordered make-your-own salads 

7 Day EXTREME Detox/Diet RESULTS + (28 Day Challenge)


turning this 7 day into a 28 day. INSTAGRAM: MyPureBeauty10 MyFitnessPal:.


Your 7-Day Cleansing Diet

Your 7-Day Cleansing Diet

Published by Speedy Publishing LLC 2014

ISBN 9781632875396,163287539X
65 pages

The 7 day cleansing plan is the best way to kick start a healthy weight loss plan, and with 7 days of one on one support through the Author's Facebook fan page you'll never be alone. Whether you eat healthy every day or not, there comes a time when your body, just needs to re-boot. The toxins of everyday living, including what we eat, breathe and put on our skin can take a toll on how we feel and look. Everyone should go through a 7 day cleansing at least two times per year to renew, restore, rebalance and rejuvenate our bodies. A clean, fresh start is the best way to maintain or start on the path to a clean diet plan. Holistic Health Coach Sandy Considine designed this step by step 7-day cleansing diet for her clients and presents it through workshops. Now you get everything you need...

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Looking for the next detox elixir. Food-grade carbon known as activated charcoal is finding its way into green juices and lemonades with the promise of boosting energy, brightening skin --even curing hangovers. The black, odor-less additive is being combined with hemp seeds, lemon zest or spinach and sold to the health conscious in labels by Juice Served Here, Juice Generation, and LuliTonix. For years, a. Lulitonix claims that the juice detox aids in "cleansing and assisting the healing process of the body, preventing/helping hangovers, helping with intestinal issues/food poisoning/gases, and makes you feel sharp and focused. Unlike other cleanse routines that require several consecutive days, Lulitonix says you can drink the juice as you feel the need. So for seven days I cut out alcohol, stuck with my regular diet (about 1,500 and 2,000 calories per day), exercised (3-4 days) --and cracked open the charcoal. (Please note that my experience may not be typical, and that Lulitonix suggests drinking the beverage in the evening, but that was not always convenient for me. ). Day 1-. My first taste of the elixir was quite shocking since you can see that the... I did not expect it to taste good, but I actually didn't mind the taste. I drank it around 2 PM after lunch, and noticed that I had a slight stomach ache for about an hour. After the stomach ache subsided, I drank the rest of the elixir and exercised. I had more energy than I usually do in an evening workout, especially after my typical work day. I experienced no weight loss after day 1, but I woke up feeling less tired than usual. I decided to drink the elixir at 9 AM instead of my morning tea and felt like it woke me up and energized me through the afternoon. I realized that my stomach ache from the previous day might have been from drinking it too quickly, or from not shaking the bottle. I made sure to shake the bottle before use, and I took my time drinking it. I experienced no discomfort. I slept well on day 2 and woke up feeling less bloated than when I started the cleanse. I drank 50 ounces of water on day 3, and drank the elixir at 6 PM before dinner. I had slight trouble falling asleep, but once I was asleep I did not wake during the night like I typically do. . Day 4-. Now the good stuff. I got on the scale and noticed a 1 lb. loss in weight since day 1. I drank the juice at 4 PM and it held my hunger until dinner at 8 PM. I noticed on day 4 that I started to crave the elixir and not just tolerate it. I began to like the taste and... I exercised for 45 minutes on day 4 and went to sleep later than usual. I forgot to shake the bottle before drinking, but realized half way through the bottle and shook the rest before finishing. I had a headache before drinking the elixir and noticed that it had subsided about 15 minutes after. I drank 56 ounces of water on day 5, and drank the juice at 2 PM. . Day 6-. I lost an additional. for a total of 1. 5 lb. weight loss in 6 days. By this point, I liked drinking the juice and drank it quickly at 8 PM. I also began noticing that my skin started looking clearer and that I had increased energy. I even wound up exercising for an additional 30 minutes, for a total of 2 hours. I drank the elixir at 2 PM, and experienced no additional weight loss from the previous day. I drank the bottle quickly and noticed a definite boost in energy. So, in all, the drink wasn't exactly a magic bullet of health. After the 7 days of cleansing, I lost a total of 1. 5 lbs. --(which could be water weight or from my workouts) and noticed an improvement in my energy levels. After the cleanse, it was softer, and my typical break out around my chin cleared up completely by day 7. Minus the few stomach issues towards the beginning of the week, the drink seemed to have a positive affect on me. But health experts warn... If you are considering trying activated charcoal as a part of your health regimen, you should consult a medical professional first. Experts like Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD warn that the activated charcoal may bind to nutrients from fruit and vegetables and prevent their absorption by your body or even block certain medications from working.

Source: www.foxnews.com

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lemon detox diet 7 day detox pack lemon detox 회사
lemon detox diet 7 day detox pack lemon detox 회사
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Lemon Detox 7 Day Diet Pack
Lemon Detox 7 Day Diet Pack