Bearded Dragon Juvenile Age

Zilla Reptile Food Bearded Dragon Fortified, 6.5-Ounce (3 Pack)

by Zilla
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  • Can be fed with other foods or be the primary diet
  • Food may be moistened to increase palatability Store in a cool, dry place for maximum freshness
  • Feeding amounts will vary according to animal age and size, approximately 1/2 teaspoon for juveniles ranging to 2 teaspoons for adults per day - adjust as needed

Product description

Nothing (short of a big bowl of Central Australian flowers and insects) could be healthier for a bearded dragon than Zilla Bearded Dragon Food. This varied formula was created to match the lizards preferred diet of plants and protein, then formed into red nuggets for eye appeal. We also add essential minerals and nutrients that promote robust growth, lustrous color and long term good health.

Bearded Dragon Tanning Arch, Reptile Habitat Accessory

by Carolina Custom Cages
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  • Vinyl-coated mesh, 8-1/2" x 9-1/2", easily cleaned with Chlorhexidine and paper towels.
  • Bearded Dragon Tanning Arch by Carolina Designer Dragons is the most practical habitat accessory item we've found for our babies and juveniles.
  • No opportunity for feeders to hide from dragons.

Product description

These new habitat accessories, Bearded Dragon Tanning Arches, have become a very practical addition for our babies and juveniles. They are easily cleaned with Chlorhexidine and paper towels. We also don't have to worry if they are underneath the Arch that they are not getting their UVB exposure for proper nutrition and growth. Plus there are no places for crickets or other feeders to hide!

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Great White Shark Rescued By Heroic Beachgoers In Cape Cod 07/14/15, via Huffington Post

The 7-foot-long male juvenile shark was found on the South Beach area of Chatham, Massachusetts in Cape Cod, according to WFSB. Beachgoers kept the shark wet until rescuers arrived to pull it into the water and release it safely back into the ocean.

Daily Mail

Shannen Hussein treats her 150 pets like HUMANS and Vines their crazy antics ... 04/15/15, via Daily Mail

But her pets are often captured behaving like humans, from her lamb Winter who loves to jump on the bed to her bearded dragon who can understand the English language. Thanks to this Ms Hussein's collection of creatures have become somewhat of an 

How to tell the age of your Bearded Dragon

This is a video on how to recognize the age of your Bearded Dragon by measurements.


Exotic Pet Behavior

Exotic Pet Behavior

Published by Elsevier Health Sciences 2006

ISBN 9781437711493,1437711499
384 pages

In addition to coverage of all normal behavior patterns -- sensory, communication, social and antisocial, reproductive, eating, and elimination -- this resource helps you identify medical implications of abnormal behavior, pain-associated behaviors, and effects of captivity. Client education handouts provide important information about caring for a variety of avian and exotic pets. A user-friendly format includes bulleted lists indicating how normal and abnormal behavior applies to species kept in captivity. Includes coverage of all normal behavior patterns, including sensory, communication, social and antisocial, sexual, eating, and elimination. Client education handouts are a convenient resource for providing clients with important information about caring for their pets. Expert...

The Complicated Women Of The Witcher 3

When I think of how The Witcher 3 depicts women, handles sexism, and deals with other hot-button subject matter, I think of one quest: The Bloody Baron. Here’s the setup: Geralt of Rivia (the character you play) is searching for his lost adopted daughter, a woman named Ciri. Turns out she spent some time with a jumped-up warlord named Philip Strenger, who goes by the moniker “The Bloody Baron. Before he’ll tell Geralt, he makes Geralt help him track down his wife and daughter, who he claims have gone missing. And here’s what happens (spoilers, obviously) : At first, Geralt thinks he’s dealing with a monster or some other ne’erdowell of the spooky and diabolical variety. But as it turns out, the Baron’s family didn’t just up and disappear. They left because the Baron was physically and emotionally abusive. He’d get drunk and beat his wife, punch and kick and yell until he fell into a dark sleep. It reached a turning point when he discovered that his wife, Anna, had been having an affair, and murdered her lover. Anna subsequently became pregnant, and one night he beat her so badly that she miscarried. Anna and their daughter, Tamara, finally fled, with no intention of ever returning. The horrifying full story emerges only gradually, as Geralt pokes holes in the Baron’s initial version of events. It’s a shock on multiple levels, and one that does not cast the Baron in a favorable light. As Geralt, you can choose to relentlessly punish him for it, both physically and verbally. In my game, I reminded him at every turn that he’d done a despicable thing. I never let him feel like he was absolved of his sins just because he regretted them. After a subplot where Geralt discovers that the Baron and Anna’s miscarried fetus has returned from the dead as a supernatural creature—yes, that actually happens—Geralt finds the Baron’s daughter. Geralt respects her wish to not be reunited with him, and that’s that. Geralt also finds the Baron’s wife Anna, and her story is revealed to be even more complicated than it seemed. Pregnant and unhappy in a loveless and abusive marriage, Anna made a deal with three powerful witches to give them a year of her service in exchange for them magically “freeing” her of her unwanted child. She miscarried because of their dark magic, not because of the Baron’s fists. This is where the story lost focus for me—the thrust of the tale eventually gets lost in monster hunting and larger supernatural goings-on. A lack of focus ultimately hurts what could’ve been an even better, more meaningful story. Still, there’s never a question that the Baron’s awfulness drove Anna to take the drastic actions she took. The Bloody Baron questline does not portray the Baron as a villainous madman. He knows he fucked up. He wants to make up for it. His wife and daughter, on the other hand, think he waited way too long to turn that corner, and they don’t trust him. The Strenger family’s story—an admittedly tiny fraction of a colossal game—has two possible endings: sad, or the most depressing thing you can imagine. Even in its darkest moments it remains thoughtful and treats its characters like people with realistic motivations. The Bloody Baron quest represents a big, daring creative decision. Honestly, it’s hard to read over a recap and believe all of that made it into a modern, big-budget game. At times, it’s even hard to believe it’s in The Witcher 3. That’s because—while often brilliant in its handling of sex, women characters, and even sexism—it’s a game frequently at odds with itself. It’s been called out for depicting a fantasy world where women are treated poorly to up its surface level edginess factor , even as others have praised it for confronting real-world issues , offering players a mirror upon which to view actual... It’s even been praised as a feminist game. The Witcher 3 takes place in a fantasy world that draws on European history. It’s rooted in Slavic mythology and tradition as well as bits and scraps from countless other cultures’ folklore (Greek, Hebrew, even a bit of Japanese). It’s also a manly man’s world, not unlike, say, Game of Thrones. Women in the game are used, abused, and pigeonholed into “traditional” roles just for, well, being women—sometimes to a point where it started to wear on.

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Bearded Dragons - 03/28/11, via Examiner

The bearded dragon (Pogona Vitticeps) is a very interesting and fun pet ... A beardy’s diet varies from age; babies need more nutrients from animals than plants. A 60% live to 40% vegetable is perfect. Crickets and mealworms provide essential vitamins ...

A Big-Bearded Bustard Is a Lucky Bustard - 02/10/11, via Discover Magazine

Using transmitters to gather information on wild bustards’ beards over the course of ten years, Alonso and colleagues found that the plumes are related to bustard weight and age, and could communicate information on these stats to fellow bustards.

Bearded Dragons – Pogona Vitticeps - 10/26/09, via MySanAntonio

Beardies eat a wide variety of foods and general feeding recommendations differ by age but all should be fed in the morning. Bearded Dragons are omnivores- they eat both plant and animal material. They are diurnal.


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Bearded Dragon Juvenile For Sale
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Want to know when the Bearded Dragons - adult males will be back in ...
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