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Down With Old Kids In Strollers 08/18/15, via Deadspin

Z: Imagine if America could trade with other countries, city for city. What type of value do you think we could get back from Europe for a dirthole like St. Louis or Cleveland? I think we could turn St. Louis for a place like Dublin. You're crazy. Why

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Xplode explained: A look inside unsanctioned MMA events in California 08/29/15, via MMA Fighting

"I really just transformed a bunch of racquetball courts into MMA areas. I put a cage . Promoters also must take out a $50,000 insurance policy per event under CSAC rules. "It's just not a . He takes care of the doctors, the ambulance service. We

"What is a Three Wall Z-Serve?" - Misunderstood Racquetball Rules, Part 3


pacificsports. com One of the most common mistakes I see on the racquetball courts is a Three Wall Z-Serve. When you hit a Z-Serve, you can only hit.




Published by McGraw-Hill Humanities, Social Sciences & World Languages 1992

136 pages

Down With Old Kids In Strollers - Deadspin

Once they can walk on their own—which happens at around age one—you need to start weaning them off the stroller. By age two or three, you should only use the stroller for situations where you know there’s gonna be a shitload of walking (like if you go on a long trip or something), and you need the stroller to extend the day and prevent a meltdown. Otherwise, burn that fucking stroller. I’m always amused that kids seem to have boundless amounts of energy until you ask them to walk more than 500 feet. Then they turn into 80-year-old men. Anyway, you have to get them accustomed to being out of the stroller and walking around so that they don’t turn into passengers from the Buy ‘N’ Large spaceship in Wall*E. It’s a rough habit to break, though, because strollers a) keep children contained, and b) eliminate the need to keep track of at least one child if you are tooting around with multiple kids. Knowing my youngest child is bolted into a five-point harness with no means of escape is a legitimate comfort to me. But the gravy train has to end at some point. Even though strollers have their advantages, the better ones are heavy as hell and bulky, and carrying one through the New York subway system will make you want to plant a hydrogen bomb in the city’s catacombs. We keep a stroller in the trunk of our car, and I curse its presence daily. That fucking thing is never not in the way. I can’t wait to sell it for three bucks on Craigslist and be rid of it forever. Every time we bust it out for the youngest kid, the two older kids demand a ride. You’re crazy. Why would Ireland trade Dublin for St. Louis. They’d want at least Portland in the deal to even consider it. Our roster of cities has NO depth, and it’s aging rapidly. And, apart from maybe Austin, our minor-league-city farm system is a goddamn embarrassment. Every promising metropolis gets run through the system and ends up being a strip of Banana Republic outlets. Our front office doesn’t know what the fuck it’s doing. No other country is taking Cleveland off our hands. We’d be lucky to get Basra in return for it. If cities became tradable assets, I promise you that our country would somehow send New York and San Francisco away for pennies on the dollar just to clear cap room. We’d get Leicester, Kiev, Harbin, and Darwin in the five-country deal, and fans would be livid. By the way, if I were the GM of trading cities, I offer the entire list of American heartland cities just to get Paris or London here in the States. I’d pull a full Ricky Williams trade to have London here domestically. I walked onto a plane the other day, found my seat, and waited for a pleasant flight into Midway Chicago. Then, I smelled it. A man walked down the aisle with a bag of fried chicken and sat a few rows back. The entire plane smelled delicious. Was I in the wrong to be angry at this man. I thought it was a dick move. And who brings fried chicken onto plane. That man had the foresight to bring a box of Popeye’s onto the plane. Also: Be thankful he didn’t bring anything that smelled bad onto the plane. I’d rather be tortured by a chicken drumstick than suffocate from someone bringing a whole microwaved salmon on board. Sometimes you have a connecting flight, and there’s no time to get food, and you’re stuck with the choice of either a) starving or b) ordering the $9 box of crackers and salami. It’s not a fair situation, but the CLASSY move is to be happy for that guy. Any time I board a plane, I scan for what kinda food other people brought on board, just to torture myself. Damn, that lady brought an Italian sub. There will come a day, I promise you, when airlines ban outside foods on board, like a movie theater or a pro sports team. They will make the ultimate FUCK YOU move and ban your Potbelly wreck sammich. By the way, never bring coffee onto a plane. There is no effective way to board a plane while simultaneously carrying a huge cup of scalding hot liquid. There’s nowhere to put it down if you gotta put your suitcase in the overhead bin. You’re more dangerous than a man carrying a Bowie knife on board. I’ve come around on toaster ovens, because toasters always break, and because toasters toast blind. I can’t tell if my shit is toasting properly or not, which often results in premature ejection. With a toaster oven, I get a good, long look at that Pop Tart toasting up. So sweet. I MUST HAVE IT. I can rescue it from burning (so long as I don’t check my phone and end up forgetting about.

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Restaurant Etiquette: How to Eat Out Without Embarrassing Yourself - 10/02/15, via utne.com

At first people sat at communal tables and ate whatever the host decided to serve. Gradually some people who had more ... to study medicine and food preparation together. All the usual rules about table manners apply in restaurants but there are a few ...

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  1. The Racquetball Z Serve | Racquetball Lessons Blog Z serves can be hit at various speeds and heights on the front wall but usually to your opponent's backhand. After hitting a z serve, immediately move into
  2. The Racquetball Screen Serve Illustrated | Racquetball ... The Racquetball Screen Serve FAQ. What exactly does the rule say? Rule 3.9 (h) Fault Serves Screen Serve – “A served ball that first hits the front wall and on ...
  3. Racquetball - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A racquetball; a dynamic (bouncy) rubber ball of 2.25 in. (57 ... USA Racquetball rules do not require players to win ... The most common jam serve is the Z-serve, ...
The 10 basic racquetball shots can be further categorized into two ...
The 10 basic racquetball shots can be further categorized into two ...
Racquetball Instruction
Racquetball Instruction
Racquetball Rules Who Serves First
Racquetball Rules Who Serves First

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