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virblatt winter harem pants reversible unisex onesize S-XL patchwork - Vielfältig

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  • 100 % certified cotton quality, long-lasting colors
  • UNISEX one-size-fits-all pants for sizes S - XL; Waist size: 43 inch; Length 43 inch
  • patchwork pattern not printed but sewn with high quality

Product description

virblatt offers you the new patchwork Vielfältig harem pants. The special thing about these patchwork harem pants is that they can be turned over and the other side is plain beige (see pictures).

The patchwork was sewn with high-quality from different shades of brown and has as special highlight, an orange area with embroidery. The waist is made of an elastic Lycra band, which can be folded down.

If you turn over the harem pants, you get a plain beige harem pants. Two harem pants for the price of one. The Vielfältig harem pants have it all!

The harem pants are also extra warm because they are made up of two layers (Patchwork and plain beige). They are 100 % cotton.

Size: S - XL

Length: about 43 inch

Waist size: max. 43 inch

Waistband: elastic lycra

Other: the pants have 2 side pockets on both sides

Material: 100 % cotton

Care instructions: first wash should be hand wash, then machine wash up to 86 °F is recommended.

THS Mens Harem Pants with Patchwork Design (Black)

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  • 2 Pockets ( 1 on each side )
  • Pair up with a t-shirt , casual shirt to get a relaxed look
  • Made in India, Handmade by artisans, Very comfortable, Great for summer

Product description

Lounge around with harem pants from The Harem Studio and be stylish and comfortable at the same time. These harem pants are your perfect companion for a beach/ party outing. Made of soft cotton cloth, the pant is perfect for summer.