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Level 3 (Piano)

by USA Gymnastics
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Gymnastics Music

by Equilibrium
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austin360 (blog)

ACL Fest 2015: Who to see on Saturday, weekend one 10/01/15, via austin360 (blog)

3:30 p.m. Houndmouth (Austin Ventures): Once again they're going up against local fave Shakey Graves, who bested them for the Americana Music Association's Emerging Artist award in Nashville a couple of weeks ago. But these Midwesterners cast an

Yibada (English Edition)

YG Entertainment's iKON Debut Disappoints Fans Despite All-Kill Record? 10/02/15, via Yibada (English Edition)

iKON will hold their debut concert "Showtime" on Oct. 3 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena. The idols released the title tracks of their debut half album on Oct. 1 and will actively promote in the coming weeks in various music programs in South Korea.


Teaching Rhythmic Gymnastics

Teaching Rhythmic Gymnastics

Published by Human Kinetics 2015

ISBN 0736042423,9780736042420
131 pages

"The open-ended approach and extensive illustrations make this resource easy to use. The book also includes ready-to-use checklists, assessment guidelines, lesson plans, word searches for vocabulary development, and routine-planning posters that you can enlarge on a copier and post in the gym." "With Teaching Rhythmic Gymnastics, you can add variety to your gymnastics and rhythmic units, start a rhythmic gymnastics club, or introduce a safe, enjoyable alternative to traditional gymnastics programs."--BOOK JACKET.

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This is why you can’t take running too seriously.

I woke up yesterday, felt kind of nauseated and so I decided to wait to eat until after my run. 5 miles on the treadmill (PS yes, my legs are orange… it’s not from too many sweet potatoes but from a sunless tanner) and I felt kind of like myself again while I was running which put me on cloud 9. . 8:30 pace with 4 x 45 second strides (6:00... Our next stop was gymnastics for the Brookers. She pretty much ran for an hour straight with a few front rolls mixed in for good measure. It makes me happy to see her so happy there. This is where things went south… I started eating a plain skinless baked potato from Wendy’s at the end of her class and within minutes I hurt so badly I could barely hold back the tears. My doctor is sure that this isn’t just IBS right now. At this point I am down to rice and baby apple sauce being the only things that don’t hurt to eat. Also, giardia (I had it 1. 5 years ago) was ruled out because I am lacking the main symptom for that and without that they won’t even test you for it. My doctor (he was a runner too… love it when that happens) said yep, go run St. George if the... I DO have a plan B that I have discussed with my coach so that all of the training won’t go to waste because there is ALWAYS another race. I’m going to remain hopeful I will feel good enough to race (and to be able to eat SOMETHING other than rice and applesauce) on Saturday. I will just be playing it by ear and seeing how each day feels. PS this is why you can’t take running too seriously—> there are so many ups and downs and uncontrollable factors. With running you control the things that you can and let go of the things you cannot. Races are important and we love them but this is what the really important stuff is all about:. PS We got our car back and fixed after our pole incident and Brooke was pretty happy about it. . I LOVED this picture of. I have had c. diff twice. That’s how I learned to run on the treadmill because I couldn’t get far away from a bathroom. I am confident that you will be feeling better by Saturday but if not, you are absolutely right that your health is much more important and there are always other races (especially in October, it’s Marathon Month. I have a half day of work today then am going to Minneapolis for the Twin Cities Marathon and to see my best friend. I suffer from gastritis from time to time and I ran a half marathon once and had an attack half way through. Gastritis has a tendency to recur so it’s important to find the foods that work for you and stick with them. And as a side note, sugar is horrible if you suffer with IBS or gastritis. I love my sugar too but I hate those stomach pains, they are sooooo painful. I hope you feel better and I really want to see you sub 3, and be healthy :). Reply. I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I have been training for the MCM at the end of this month and life has thrown many curve balls for me to not be able to run it : ( I feel as though I am missing out on a chance of a lifetime, but I know that this kind of thinking is not healthy... You are right, there is always going to be another marathon to run. Hope that everything works out for you. We’re all rooting for ya. I admire that you put your health first & respect the marathon distance :). I love that song too but read the lyrics LOL. Other good songs I’m loving right now are Roses by The Chainsmokers, Downtown by Macklemore, and Scud Books by Hudson Mohawke (just beats, really good. I’m so sorry to hear that and I hope that the meds work ASAP. I really wish that I would be able to run Boston next year but.

Source: The Hungry Runner Girl
One Eye to Morocco [Bonus Track](Limited Edition)
One Eye to Morocco [Bonus Track](Limited Edition)


There are few genuine hard rock singers who have not been impacted or influenced by Deep Purple's Ian Gillan. Stepping out from his ongoing band duties, Gillan explores both familiar and new territory on ONE EYE TO MOROCCO, his first set of solo material in ten years. Collaborating once again with guitarist Steve Morris, Gillan takes a more song-oriented approach on MOROCCO, steering clear of the kind of instrumental gymnastics that define the classic Deep Purple canon.


Fever 121614
Fever 121614


Given the size of Deerhoof's songbook and their frequent touring, it's a little surprising that they didn't release an official live album until 2015's Fever 121614, Live in Japan. Nevertheless, it lives up to the band's reputation as a consistently fun live act. Not surprisingly, Fever 121614 features more than a few songs from 2014's La Isla Bonita. The live setting lets that album's punk influence shine, whether on Exit Only's hurtling riffs or Paradise Girls' winning combination of sprightly and crushing. Throughout the album, the muscle behind Deerhoof's musical gymnastics is apparent: Dummy Discards a Heart sounds even more like a bizarro version of stadium rock here than the studio version did, while Come See the Duck gets an extra shot of adrenaline. Meanwhile, the clever segue from Twin Killers to I Did Crimes for You allows the songs to flow like a six-minute rock opera that would make the Who proud. Deerhoof throw in a few surprises as well, transforming Flower into a jazzy, minor-key workout and giving Let's Dance the Jet a surf-metal makeover. The album's only drawback - and it's a small one - is that it doesn't quite capture the electric crowd energy of a typical Deerhoof show. Regardless, Fever 121614, Live in Japan delivers most of what makes the band so engaging in concert. ~ Heather Phares


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Christian Crooner Caleb Collins Releases Holiday Album 'Christmas' Oct 2 [VIDEO] - 10/01/15, via Breathe Cast

Contemporary Christian crooner/pianist Caleb Collins is releasing a holiday album simply entitled "Christmas" (Caleb Collins Music) on October 2nd ... it that showcases some of his most colorful vocal gymnastics. His mentor Morris Chapman, the renowned ...

Malibu Gymnast Heading to Summer Olympics - 09/30/15, via The Malibu Times

The rhythmic gymnastics team will begin Olympic practices on Oct. 1 ... and one with two hoops and six clubs. “We will be getting new music and new choreography,” she said. “It’s going to be a lot of work, but it’s going to be fun.”

SHINee Amaze Bangkok Fans During 1st-Ever Solo Concert In Thailand - 09/30/15, via KpopStarz

SHINee's concert lasted an impressive three hours and the group sang their recent hit songs as well as many old favorites for ... the Shinee World IV tour on May 16-17 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena. They then traveled to Taiwan on Aug. 16 and ...


  1. The Lazy Gymnast Song This is a parody to the Lazy song by bruno mars I rewrote the lyrics and sang the song for the parody its about gymnastics.
  2. Cup Song Gymnastics Routine - 2nd Grade Talent Show Gracie rehearsing for her 2nd grade talent show. ... Cup Song Gymnastics Routine - 2nd Grade Talent Show iHeartGracieD. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe ...
  3. Gymnastics Floor Music - MP3 Downloads - Remixes Gymnastics floor music remixes created from original artist music. Free gymnastics floor music requests. No obligation. No charge for length adjustments.
trapezoid (sparrow gymnastics)
trapezoid (sparrow gymnastics)
Photo by seanhoyer on Flickr
Die "SchoWo" - das große Stadtfest im Herzen von Schorndorf
Photo by Rob124 on Flickr
black square sun hypeЯReally eclipsed through layers of social housing blocks
black square sun hypeЯReally eclipsed through layers of social housing blocks
The black square sun immersing into eastern-bloc-style housing estate facades were meant for a HDRI - but instead Photomatrix 2.4.1 synthesized a kind of hyperreal sunscape from a pair of location shots that were taken at 18:29:07 and 18:29:44 [local times]: During those 37 seconds the red sun disc had been shifting further downwards and into the northern (“HyperBorean”) wind direction. The software program serendipitously doubled the two suns instead of bringing them into congruence. It had into one of the two red sundiscs jumped the dark squarehatched pattern taking it obviously from the concrete blocks beneath the setting sun. - And the second disc came out as a pale imitation of the blocked out star being in eclipse. ---------------------------------------------------------------- housing houses and flats considered collectively.° the provision of accomodation: a housing association housing estate ► noun Brit. a residential area in which the houses have all been planned and...
Photo by quapan on Flickr
Arabic Kids Songs - screenshot
Arabic Kids Songs - screenshot
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