1 Person Racquetball

Racquetball Fundamentals (Sports Fundamentals)

by Human Kinetics
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Product description

Head to the court and learn to hit that winning kill shot in no time at all! Racquetball Fundamentals will have you playing and competing while you master the basics of the game.

You'll learn shot techniques for the forehand, backhand, serve, return of serve, passing shot, side-wall shot, and kill shot. You will also become more competitive with instruction on shot selection, court positioning, and footwork. Soon you'll be winning your share of matches as you employ those techniques with the tactics taught for both singles and doubles play.

More than 75 drills and games will speed your learning and improve your performance. You'll also gain a greater understanding of the game's rules, scoring, etiquette, and safety.

Racquetball Fundamentals is a better way to learn the basics in less time. Use it now and get a step—and point—ahead of your next opponent.

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