Snickers Cupcakes

SNICKERS Nougat Chocolate Bars Bulk Pack (1.86 oz, 24 Count)

by FCV
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  • Each is individually wrapped for snacking on the go, goodie bags, and more!
  • Only 250 calories per serving size & U Certified as Kosher.
  • 1.86 oz and 24 bars total in a sealed bag.

Product description

Snickers, with it's amazingly delicious layers of peanut nougat, roasted peanuts and caramel, enrobed in milk chocolate, is one of the most beloved candy bars on the planet. This popularity apparently extends to bears who are notorious for raiding campgrounds to get at the scrumptious treats.

CHOCOLATE MOLECULE Chemistry Science Candy Bar Pendant Necklace w/ Chain

by GeoPromotions
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  • Epoxy Colorfill
  • Iron Metal
  • Pendant / Necklace

Product description

This is great Chocolate Fanatic collectible. This is a creative scientific molecule of Chocolate (Theobromine). Perfect for that person that loves their chocolate candy. Hard to find and a great conversation piece. Only a Limited Supply were made. Never used still in polybag. Shipped in a bubble envelope via USPS First Class. Email with questions.