Snickers Cupcakes

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These beautiful 1.25" Candy logo buttons are wonderful alone, but can also be used for scrapbook pages, handmade jewelry items, stocking stuffers, badge reels, cupcake toppers, and gifts. Featuring images of M&M's, Reese's Pieces, Jolly Ranchers, Snickers, Krackel, M&M's, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kat, Mr. Goodbar, Crunch, Sour Patch Kids, and Hershey's.

CHOCOLATE MOLECULE Chemistry Science Candy Bar Cufflinks Cuff Links Set

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This is great Chocolate Fanatic collectible. This is a creative scientific molecule of Chocolate (Theobromine). Perfect for that person that loves their chocolate candy. Hard to find and a great conversation piece. Only a Limited Supply were made. Never used still in polybag. Shipped in a bubble envelope via USPS First Class. Email with questions.

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Ames Tribune

Out of the classroom 07/04/15, via Ames Tribune

So I told my husband that when the baby goes to college we have to be thinking about something that we are going to do and so we fell in love with this style of cupcakes.” Mason said while her most popular cupcake is Snickers, she loves to mix it up


New foods at the State Fair include mac 'n cheese cupcake and roasted pig tail 06/23/15, via MinnPost

The fair says they've got 40 new items this year, plus some new frozen treats, to go with the traditional staples like corn dogs and foot-longs and all-the-milk-you-can-drink. Got a hankering for Mac 'n cheese cupcakes? Roasted pig tail? Snickers Salad?

Snickers Cupcakes with Friends!

Watch my last video here. https://www.


Two-Bite Cupcakes

Two-Bite Cupcakes

Published by Charlesbridge 2012

ISBN 9781607343585,1607343584
144 pages

Small cupcakes, big taste! Enjoy the deliciousness--but avoid the guilt! These cupcakes are a yummy pleasure, but because they're only a few nibbles each, they're not TOO much of an indulgence. In fact it's even possible to enjoy two or three without going overboard. And that's a good thing, because with cupcakes this scrumptious, who would want just one? Viola Goren, a renowned pastry chef, cooking teacher, and restaurant owner, teaches all the cupcake essentials, and provides basic recipes for a variety of frostings and fillings. From luscious creams to crunchy nuts and sweet fruits, these tiny treats provide a surprise in every bite. There's something here to please all ages and tastes: kids will go wild over the Oreo cupcakes, while adults will savor such sophisticated fare as the...

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Out of the classroom - Ames Tribune

At the end of every school year, students rush down school hallways to hop on their bikes to head home for a summer break filled of swim lessons, family vacations and no homework. However, summer is not only a break for the students, for as the bell rings on the last day of school in Ames, the district’s nearly 350 teachers also say goodbye to the school year for a much deserved summer break. And while these teachers no longer have papers to grade or daily lessons to create, many of them keep busy during the summer working a side job, leading a student organization, or diving into a personal project as a way to re-energize for the... Charlyn Mason, Mike Todd and James Webb are just three examples of teachers from the Ames School District that have had a busy summer, each of them investing their time into different projects. Webb serves as an English teacher at Ames High School, but on the weekend and during the summer, Webb takes center stage with his bass guitar as part of the band Stranger than Fiction. The band is made up entirely of English teachers: Webb, Joe Brekke and Del Schmidt who teach at Ames High School, Ben Crosby who teaches at Iowa State University, and Reggie Greenlaw and Steve Linduska who are retired Ames High School teachers. “We got together and did a couple events for the library, had a lot of fun, and said ‘hey we should just keep doing this. ’ So we did,” Webb said. For this summer, Stranger than Fiction has several gigs lined up including the wedding of two former students who graduated several years ago. “Which is kind of weird, kind of cool,” Webb said. As for Webb’s current students, he said many of them know about the band. “They either think it’s like really cute that we have a band together or some of them actually think it’s kind of cool. I probably don’t want to know what the other half think,” Webb joked. For Webb, his favorite part of being part of the band is having a creative outlet. “So much of our jobs and so much of what we do is focused on other people and all our creative energy goes into getting the best work out of other people,” he said. “So this is a creative way we can get together, we can hang out and the creative process is really energizing. Webb said one of the interesting things about Stranger than Fiction is its unique blend of the different musical interests of its members. “Ben Crosby, the drummer, and I, we tend to be kind of rock and roll and more alternative type music or indie music,” he said. “We are more into current bands, whereas Joe (Brekke) probably doesn’t have anything in his playlist that has been written in the past 20 years. Because of the band members’ busy schedules, Webb said they don’t play as much as they could, turning down probably two-thirds of the offers they get. She is the smiling face behind the delicious lemon blueberry and red velvet cupcakes available each Saturday during the summer for the Ames Farmers’ Market. Charlyn Mason, who is a kindergarten teacher at Mitchell Elementary, spends her summers baking and decorating hundreds of cupcakes everyday in preparation for the market and other special events. The duo has been baking and selling cupcakes for nearly four years under the name The Sweet Shoppe of Ames. Although they bake year round, the summer is extra busy, with three to four weddings to cater each month. “It has been super good for me,” Mason said. So I told my husband that when the baby goes to college we have to be thinking about something that we are going to do and so we fell in love with this style of cupcakes. Mason said while her most popular cupcake is Snickers, she loves to mix it up. “I really like cupcakes with fruit so I go to the Berry Patch whenever I can,” she said of the farm near Nevada. Her creations include gooseberry, rhubarb, coconut lime, carrot cake and a gluten free banana split cupcake. “My favorite cupcake is the one I’m putting in my mouth. I can’t pick just one,” she said. Mason learned how to bake from being surrounded by home cooking as a kid. “My grandmother is from the South so she is a tremendous cook,” she said. For Mason, the summer is a nice contrast to the school year. “I love the adult part of summer for me,” she said.

Sally's Candy Addiction
Sally's Candy Addiction


How sweet it is! Simple ingredients come together to make indulgent and addicting candy! Sally McKenney, creator and author of Sally's Baking Addiction, is back with a brand-new cookbook chock-full of a whole new host of treats for your sweet-tooth fix. If you're a candy and sweets lover, then look no further. Complete with over 75 brand new recipes, indulge in truffles, fudge, caramels, and marshmallows. And if you like Oreos, Reese's, Snickers, or other candy bar favorites, Sally will show you the best ways to incorporate these into cookies, cupcakes, bars, and more. Complete with easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes, Sally's signature photography for every recipe, and snippets from Sally's own kitchen experiences, Sally's Candy Addiction has a recipe for every candy lover in your life.


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Burger dogs, mac ‘n’ cheese cupcakes and apple pie-on-a-stick – it’s state fair time y’all - 06/29/15, via Metro

Boom chicka wow wow. Don’t be misled by the use of the word ‘salad’. This is definitely dessert. Think chopped Snickers bars and Granny Smith apples tossed in vanilla pudding with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel sauce. Nachos aren’t just ...

The 12 Most Ridiculous Foods From State Fairs Across America - 06/26/15, via Entrepreneur

While Snicker Bar Salad is a foreign concept for much of the world ... The Minnesota State Fair's Mac & Cheese Cupcake is actually closer to a mini mac and cheese pie – macaroni and cheese in a breadcrumb crust and frosted with Cheez Whiz.

Mac & cheese cupcake, pig tail among new foods at State Fair - 06/24/15, via Crookston Times

including chopped Snickers, apples, whipped cream and caramel sauce. And LuLu's Public House is offering a Mac & Cheese Cupcake. There are some gluten free items too, including an island-style coleslaw from Island Noodle and a Minnesota BEE-NICE Gluten ...


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Fall-fetti & Snicker's
Fall-fetti & Snicker's
Fall-fetti cupcake (white cake with fall-colored nonperil sprinkles) and Snicker's cupcakes for Birdie's 09/28/10
Photo by stephycupcake on Flickr
Snickers Birthday Cupcakes for ME!
Snickers Birthday Cupcakes for ME!
2nd set of cupcakes for my birthday. These are peanut butter cupcakes with a salted caramel center and a milk chocolate/caramel ganache. Topped with chopped peanuts and sprinkles to make them festive! I got these toppers as part of a Wilton liner set.
Photo by Sugar Daze on Flickr
Snickers cupcake at Sugar Cafe
Snickers cupcake at Sugar Cafe
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Snickers Cupcakes
Snickers Cupcakes
Snickers Cupcakes
Snickers Cupcakes
Snickers Cupcakes
Snickers Cupcakes
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