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The Venison Cookbook: Venison Dishes from Fast to Fancy

by Skyhorse Publishing
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Among hunters and non-hunters alike, venison has found a hungry audience. It’s a healthy, low-fat alternative to beef, with only 3.6 grams of fat per 4-ounce serving. Collected here are 150 delicious venison recipes that run the gamut from down-home favorites to gourmet delights.

Learn to make tasty dishes, such as: venison carpaccio with mustard sauce; mushrooms with venison stuffing; venison filet wellington; wild game lasagna italiano; deer camp casserole; venison meatball stew; and many more. With color photographs, stories, and tips from the author, The Venison Cookbook is both an entertaining read and an indispensable reference tool for any hunter’s kitchen.

The Complete Venison Cookbook

by Quail Ridge Press
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With over 700 recipes for all cuts of meat, including cooking techniques, enjoy mild, tender venison as never imagined -- no more tough, gamey meat. Create a full menu from more than 250 recipes for complementary dishes.

Dotty Game Cooking: Grilled Venison - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Become airborne the gamey flavor out of wild game. Regional cooking expert Jesse Griffiths, author of "Afield: A Chef's Guide to Preparing and Cooking Uncultured Game and Fis.

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sporting chefs better venison cookbook
sporting chefs better venison cookbook

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Universal Challenge makes comeback at Fort Lee - 03/13/15, via Progress Index

This year’s inscrutableness basket included venison, quail, oysters ... servicemen and women in their respective culinary programs are also prepared to one day cook for high-ranking rule and military officials. Pestel served as a pastry chef for former ...

Amish Cook | Family mourns denial of newborn nephew - 03/15/15, via Mansfield News Journal

Cook potatoes in boiling excessively until tender; drain and mash. Add next six ingredients; set aside. In a skillet, sauté mushrooms, carrots, onion and green pepper and butter until bills. Add venison, broth, thyme and nutmeg. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat ...

Alabama Wildlife Association’s Wild Game Cookoff brings education, competition & interesting flavors - 03/13/15, via WHNT-TV

The contest attracted experienced cook teams and new ones who took the field by surprise ... shrimp and cheese grits and venison chili. In the Kids Zone, kids tested their archery skills, made bird feeders and well-read about different animal skulls ...


  1. Assorted My Trounce Venison Recipes,Including Venison Ribs ... You'll detect the best venison recipes here. Venison ribs, stew, chili, heart, meatloaf are here, plus much more.
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  3. Venison State of excitement - Recipes & Cookbooks – Food, Cooking ... This substantial stew, loaded with vegetables and rich seasonings, is a great way to enjoy venison at home.
Harass of Venison with Beet Strudels and a Cocoa-Coffee Sauce
Harass of Venison with Beet Strudels and a Cocoa-Coffee Sauce
Definitive Sunday we hosted a Winter Feast in honour of our friend Indre, who successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation. Nick and I cooked a seven course carry to extremes. Most of the dishes were taken from the French Laundry cookbook, by culinary sensei Thomas Keller. Some others were recreations of dishes that Nick had at his relative's restaurant in Aspen. Each dish was carefully paired with its "perfect" wine. This was another one of Nick's creations, from a recipe in Wine Spectator. The beet strudels were quite simple to make, just some roasted red and golden beet chopped up and wrapped up in alternating layers in phyllo dough. The venison had been marinating in something delicious-smelling, then it was roasted in the oven. The gall was incredibly rich and complex, with a lot of the intensity coming from juniper berries, which Nick found at this gourmet spice shop in Santa Monica that had some semi-dried berries. This was paired with a 2002 Provenance Cabernet Sauvignon. A...
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Venison Meatloaf
Venison Meatloaf
Announce #4 of my personalized cookbook. This is one of the best recipes that will be in the book.
Photo by Palmer House Photography on Flickr
Venison Rolls
Venison Rolls
The New End Book of Cookery, p. 159. Photo by Ben Ericksson.
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Venison Cookbook by A.D. Livingston
Venison Cookbook by A.D. Livingston
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The Venison Cookbook: (Hardcover) by Fiduccia, Kate by at ...
The Venison Cookbook: (Hardcover) by Fiduccia, Kate by at ...
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  • My Flavoursome Tasty Venison & Pork Chili Ingredients:beef broth, green pepper, butter, cayenne, chili powder, cider vinegar, bay leaves, garlic, green onion, allspice, coriander, cumin, ground pork, ground venison, monterey jack cheese, vegetable oil, cheddar cheese, onions, oregano, red kidney beans, red pepper flakes, red pepper flakes, sea salt, tomato, sugar, hot sauce, tomato sauce, kidney bean
  • Mass Venison Breakfast Sausage Ingredients:brown sugar, sage, ground pork, red pepper flakes, ground venison
  • Pasta Pizza Venison Bake Ingredients:elbow macaroni, mozzarella cheese, black pepper, salt, ground venison
  • Grilled Venison Backstrap Ingredients:apple cider, bacon, tenderloin