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Smoke It Like a Pit Master with Your Electric Smoker: Recipes and Techniques for Easy and Delicious BBQ

by Ulysses Press
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  • Ulysses Press

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Create an authentic smokehouse taste in your own backyard with this step-by-step primer and flavor-filled cookbook. Follow its pro tips to become a true pit master. Then turn up the heat at your next barbecue with its mouthwatering recipes, including:

• Sweet & Tangy Baby Back Ribs
• Citrus Chicken Fajitas
• Killer Stuffed Potato Skins
• Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Jalapeños
• Homemade Pastrami
• Classic Texas Brisket
• Cast-Iron Baked Beans
• Cumin-Lime Shrimp Skewers

Packed with 70 inspiring color photos, this book provides everything you need to satisfy family and impress guests, including wood chip pairings, temperature guidelines and finishing techniques. Your electric smoker is the most convenient and affordable appliance for effortless, delicious barbecuing, and this book is its must-have manual.

Product description

NEW UPDATED EDITION: Thank you to our readers for submitting your comments. We've listened to you and fixed our mistakes and will always continue to do so.

If you own a Masterbuilt electric smoker, this cookbook is the perfect guide to help you use your new machine.

Electric smoker recipes make your life simpler than ever since electric smokers are basically "set it and forget it" type machines.

We collected 100 of the best Masterbuilt Smoker Recipes for you to enjoy and show off to your friends and family.

If you've ever wondered why your brisket isn't as good as one made by a true BBQ maestro, this book is for you. The truth is -- there is no magic secret! If you ever believed that all you needed was that one magic ingredient, special sauce, or secret temperature that will make your barbecue taste like heaven, then this book is not for you.

The only secret to great BBQ is the passion to keep improving your recipe and technique over time. All great chefs know this, and that is why everything they touch tastes incredible.

ANYONE can make excellent BBQ. It can be hard work if you don't know what you're doing. You need a guide that will hold your hand walk you through the process step-by-step.

Most people are stunned at the fact that the pros follow a ridiculously simple smoking and grilling process: 1. It doesn't matter what smoker you use
2. Use decent wood
3. Using prime cuts of meat will instantly bring you better results
4. Salt-and-pepper are the only seasoning you need
5. 275° is the ideal temperature smoking meat

You may be thinking that we just gave away all the "secrets" to incredible BBQ, so why do I need to buy this book?

I could tell you that it includes 101 mouthwatering backyard recipes covering: - every type of meat you can think of
- delicious smoked appetizers and small plates you can't find anywhere else
- classic comfort foods with a twist (like Four Cheese Smoked Mac 'n' Cheese)
- incredible desserts like Smoked Pineapple Sundae and Nutella smores
- cold smoked artisanal cheeses

If you think you can cook incredible BBQ with free recipes and information from the Internet, then why did you read this far?

This book breaks down all the essential BBQ terms, smoking safety tips, smoking times and temperatures for various meats, how to select the best cuts of meat, and much more.

Have you ever wondered how to smoke salmon? How to grill steaks?

If you want to impress your friends and family, then you need this book.

Dadgum That's All right: Super Smoked Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings

John McLemore shows you how to command Super Smoked Sweet n' Spicy Chicken Wings. John is the President/CEO of Masterbuilt and the author of two best-selling co.

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kamado smoker and grill cookbook delicious recipes and hands on techniques
kamado smoker and grill cookbook delicious recipes and hands on techniques

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Very Good. Sewn binding. Paper over boards. Contains: Illustrations, color.


wood pellet smoker and grill cookbook recipes and techniques for the most f
wood pellet smoker and grill cookbook recipes and techniques for the most f

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and engine- driver their own super-smoker in their garage, or have a business around it—there is very much an art to their practice," Olstein says. "There are recipes that have been handed down in their families around the right rub, and the right-minded cut of meat ...

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My Christmas crop from Sara. I got a smoker, charcoal starter and smoker cookbook. The stocking is full of cat toys.
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... Zero-Five Points Gain Barbecue, Grilling & Smoker Recipes Cookbook
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Delightful Summer Cooking with a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker!
Delightful Summer Cooking with a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker!
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