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“Coffee Anarchists of the World Unite: The Italian Roasted Elixirs of Tacoma, Washington” is a photographic depiction of coffee obsession. Over 65 images portray the beauty and aesthetics elicited by this roasted alchemic infusion.

Tacoma is a unique and sometimes gritty port community bordering Washington State’s Puget Sound region. It lacks the cultural character and variety of nearby Seattle and the glossy veneer of Bellevue. The city often exhibits a crusty exterior profile coating an even crustier interior. Tacoma is common sense and concrete with stray but striking dandelions sprouting amidst the cracks.

Despite it’s lack of polish, the city has a thriving independent coffee house base. There is minimal pretense and a certain informality and comfort level resembling the author’s northern California blue-collar roots.

Vickers’ images mirror a gourmet celebration of a former delicacy that has evolved into a necessity.

To understand the splendor, passion and complexity behind Italian roast obsessions, one begins with the essential vernacular. The term Cappuccino translates from its Italian origins as Little Cap. It was descriptively employed towards the monks of Capuchin and their distinctive coffee colored hooded cloaks and shaved heads. Today, the remnant of the sect remains in bygone burial in caverns underneath Santa Maria Della Concezione Dei Cappuccini church in Rome.

Two other common but important coffee terms include Latte and Crema. Latte simply translates as milk and Crema as crème. Crown would be a more suitable moniker.

Crema is the thin caramel layer of foam that radiates atop the surface of espresso. Crema is the elixir, which separates alchemy from consumable hot beverage. Properly composed into minute concentrated bubbles, it dissipates amidst initial sips. Its role is essentially to prepare the palette portal for the espresso/coffee blend to follow.

There remains dispute amongst coffee appreciation purists as to whether the Crema or the density of the bean grinding ultimately influences the quality of taste most.

The discussion is of negligible importance. Both parties and elements are accurate.

Italian roasted coffee beans radiate pitch ebony burnt tones resembling dark chocolate. The smoky edged Turkish coloration stimulates robust flavors. This stout essence will overwhelm most popular consumer oriented limpid taste preferences. Italian roast coffee preferences are savored without excuse or contrition.

Ultimately, penetrating Italian roast eliminates all acidity, rousing subtle and favorable undertones. As with any multi-layered wine, substance is appreciated by a diversely composed strata.

Testing Explosives from The Anarchist Cookbook

We rented an untenanted warehouse to test out some of the explosive recipes from The Anarchist Cookbook. com/read/tech.

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Four Decades Later, Anarchist Cookbook Still Haunts Designer

In a latest article for Harper’s Magazine , Gabriel Thompson took an in-depth look at the fascinating history of one of the most controversial books in recent remembrance: The Anarchist Cookbook by William Powell. The 1971 how-to manual for everything from bombs to drugs has tested the boundaries of free expression since its publication, but as Thompson shows the hard-cover has also taken on a life of its own, independent of an author who disowns but cannot... Unsurprisingly, he dealt with a lot of literature that wasn’t exactly mainstream–including underground comix, which he would go to ground during police raids, says Thompson:. It was in the midst of this freewheeling environment that Powell struck upon the idea of writing a book that would ensure he’d never be sent to battle in Vietnam. He quit his job to concentrate full-time on compiling recipes to facilitate criminal activity. Although much of the drug information, obtained firsthand and from sunken publications, turned out to be inaccurate, the recipes for bombs and explosives were mostly gathered from specialized sources in the stacks of the New York Public Library. A later FBI review article judged that section of the book to be “accurate in most respects. After about 30 rejections from publishers, Powell finally sold The Anarchist Cookbook to a skillful huckster named Lyle Stuart, who embraced anti attention from the mainstream press and government agencies as free marketing. (Sharp-eyed readers will also recognize Stuart as the EC Comics business head who supported Bill Gaines through the 1954 Senate hearings on comics and delinquency. Unfortunately for Powell, he made the mistake of relinquishing the earmark’s copyright to Stuart in 1971. Since that time it has been transferred again, and while the author himself has come to believe that the cookbook is “a misguided and... Copies of the book turned up in the possession of several domestic terrorists throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, but Powell the educator is most screwed-up that it was found in the homes of several school shooters, including Columbine’s Eric Harris. As Thompson points out in the Harper’s article, of course, the cookbook is only one element that may or may not have facilitated those attacks, and today even more data on building weapons and explosives is freely accessible online. Mainstream media sources have also frequently suggested that school shooters were inspired or enabled by video games, and we have refuted that just as again in these very pages. But Powell himself feels that his book certainly cannot have a positive effect on anyone’s thinking. Here the censorship debate collides with postmodern criticism: should the architect’s changed intentions hold any sway, regardless of who holds the copyright, or does the book stand on its own. Read Thompson’s fascinating look at this moral dilemma here. Resist support CBLDF’s important First Amendment work in 2015 by visiting the Rewards Zone , making a donation , or becoming a member of CBLDF.

Source: Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

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THE CHOKEHOLD ON OUR CHILDREN - 03/15/15, via News With Views

They are command-sought human resources to be raised as tomorrow’s anarchists. The massive push to fund Pre ... “Come here my little pretty”! Have you ever read “The State of the American Sprog: Securing Our Children’s Future” presented ...

Anarchism and the Nigerian determinant - 03/15/15, via Punch

Anyone observing the Nigerian civic space is bound to conclude that our leaders and possibly, followers too, are a band of anarchists and systems vandals ... codified and reinforced their experiences in book forms. Applied to synchronous ...

How We Got Here: Picture of the Artist as a Queer Feminist - 03/14/15, via

My initial sense of the possibility of another more textured and fraught experience of young people negotiating race, sexuality, and class within an urban space was through reading James Baldwin ... and more than one book about lesbian nuns.


  1. The Anarchist Cookbook - Wikipedia, the sprung encyclopedia The Anarchist Cookbook, before published in 1971, is a book that contains instructions for the manufacture of explosives, rudimentary telecommunications phreaking ...
  2. Anarchist Cookbook | Control is not the solution to our ... Anarchist Cookbook is a enlisted man and exclusive member website. We are a community of like minded people who oppose all forms of authoritarian governments.
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Banned Books Week Banderole
Banned Books Week Banderole
During Banned Books Week, we show our affirm of the intellectual freedom and the freedom to read. One of the reccuring images we have used each year is this banner we created with 99 of the 100 most banned books for the years 1990-2000. There are a surprising figure up of literary classics, children's books and books we've all grown up reading at home, in the library and at school. Authors like Roald Dahl, Stephen Majesty, Judy Blume and Chris Crutcher even have several titles on this list! Can you figure out which book is missing? (lulu852 was the first to guess the answer HERE.) What is your favorite Banned Hard-cover? How many have you read? Pretty soon the list for years 2000-2010 will be released, what are your guesses about the books we'll see on that list? One thing we're fairly certain of, Harry Fool with (series) will feature pretty high on the list! Check out this incredible short film David Jewell made teasing the full-extent documentary online! Your library will always support...
Photo by DML East Branch on Flickr
off-the-wall like ha ha
off-the-wall like ha ha
i perceive funny today, i forgot my meds this morning and we ran around looking for a rim and chain for my schwinn.
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The Anarchist Cookbook - William Powell
The Anarchist Cookbook - William Powell
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The Anarchist Cookbook Download
The Anarchist Cookbook Download
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