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A perennial favorite with more than 200 holiday recipes from top chefs and writers, The New York Times Passover Cookbook includes beloved family recipes and innovative kosher cuisine that will make your holiday particularly savory and festive. Compiled by Linda Amster and featuring mouthwatering contributions from Craig Claiborne, Mimi Sheraton, Wolfgang Puck, Alice Waters, and many others, The New York Times Passover Cookbook offers a cornucopia of delights to add magic to your Seder meal…and to any family gathering thereafter!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Finally, you can put aside those yellowed newspaper clippings this holiday! The New York Times Passover Cookbook collects almost 50 years' worth of delicious Seder recipes from the Times and its contributors, from Florence Fabricant's Classic Gefilte Fish to Barry Wine's Tsimmes Terrine. With more than 200 recipes, the book travels around the world of Jewish cuisine, from Artichokes, Sephardic Style--a spicy, fried, Egyptian dish--to Mississippi Praline Macaroons, a recipe that traveled with its originator from Vienna, Austria, to Natchez, Mississippi. Because the book includes recipes from both Ashkenazic and Sephardic traditions, editor Linda Amster notes that the ingredients in some recipes may not be acceptable to other communities (for example, the allspice in Claudia Roden's Matzoh-Meat Pie perfectly reflects its Arab-Jewish influences, but probably would be out of place on an Ashkenazic Passover menu).

Through the years at the Times, many Passover recipes have come from accomplished home cooks in the New York area (such as Florence Aaron's Salmon and Egg Salad). More recently, however, the paper has given some star chefs a turn at the traditional Seder dishes, so you'll also find such gourmet delights as Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Beet Tartare, Paul Prudhomme's Veal Roast with Mango Sauce, Charlie Trotter's Carrot Consommé, and Maida Heatter's Chocolate Walnut Torte. In addition to the wealth of recipes, The New York Times Passover Cookbook features a thoughtful introduction on the meanings of the Passover ritual by Joan Nathan, author of the award-winning Jewish Cooking in America. Threaded through the book are four essays by Times critics and columnists Ruth Reichl, Mimi Sheraton, Molly O'Neill, and Howard G. Goldberg. Goldberg's informative piece on Kosher wines may cause you to put the sweet Manischewitz aside for a dryer Israeli Cabernet or a Californian Semillon. Whether you're looking for a classic apple-nut Haroseth or a fusion-cuisine Southwestern Tsimmes Stuffed in Anaheim Chiles, The New York Times Passover Cookbook is an excellent, comprehensive sourcebook for the Passover meal. --Rebecca A. Staffel

The New Yiddish Kitchen: Gluten-Free and Paleo Kosher Recipes for the Holidays and Every Day

by Page Street Publishing
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Traditional Jewish Meals Made Healthier

From two leaders in the Paleo cooking community, The New Yiddish Kitchen is a fresh and healthful take on a beloved food tradition. Packed with over 100 traditional Jewish foods plus bonus holiday menus, this book lets you celebrate the holidays and every day with delicious food that truly nourishes.

Authors Simone Miller and Jennifer Robins have selected classic dishes―like matzo balls, borscht, challah, four different bagel recipes, a variety of deli sandwiches, sweet potato latkes, apple kugel, black & white cookies and more―all adapted to be grain-, gluten-, dairy- and refined sugar-free, as well as kosher. The book is a fun mix of new and old: modern with the whole-foods Paleo philosophy, and nostalgic with the cooking tips of Jewish grandmothers just like your own bubbe.

So when you’re craving your favorite Jewish foods, don’t plotz! Simone and Jennifer have got you covered with simple recipes for delicious Yiddish dishes you can nosh on all year long.

L'Chayim: Helen Nash, New Kosher Cuisine

The initiator of "New Kosher Cuisine," Helen Nash discusses her personal Jewish journey and why she wrote the most recent of her three kosher cookbooks.

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Helen Nash's New Kosher Cuisine
Helen Nash's New Kosher Cuisine


Helen Nash's first two cookbooks, Kosher Cuisine and Helen Nash?s Kosher Kitchen, are classics of the art of kosher cooking. Reviewing her first publication inThe New York Times, cookbook guru Craig Claiborne praised Nash for food that is "seamlessly kosher and endlessly inventive."Helen Nash?s New Kosher Cuisine represents the best and most health-conscious addition to the art of kosher cooking. Using ingredients that have only recently become available, Nash?s latest work contains many new and imaginative fusion recipes that are as modern as they are delicious. But her signature dishes, based on traditional Eastern European cuisine, are still very much in evidence. A delicious mixture of old and new, homey and contemporary, this book shatters the myth that Jewish food is all gefilte fish and chopped liver!


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Passover meals with a brand-new twist - 03/17/15, via Chicago Tribune

"Fix the things that are the grapple with breakers, the things that have to be there, and then feel free to experiment,'' says Leah Koenig, author of "Modern Jewish Cooking: Recipes & Customs for Today's Caboose" (Chronicle, $35). "Add one new thing this year ...

New Jewish Cuisine in Paris - 03/16/15, via Paste Magazine

attending Paris’ estimable Ferrandi cooking school and becoming a self-trained expert in kosher wines before opening Yayin in Paris’ 17th arrondissement. She coined the provisions nouvelle cuisine juive (new Jewish cuisine) to describe her restaurant ...

A series serving nutriment for thought in global hot spots - 03/16/15, via The Cresent News

NEW YORK (AP) -- In less skilled hands ... "Breaking Borders" is a travelogue, cooking show and dining-steppe summit all in one. And somehow it works, with each component of its cultural, culinary and political mission enhancing the others, at least ...


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Poached Moulard Bow Foie Gras Au Torchon with Pickled Pear
Poached Moulard Bow Foie Gras Au Torchon with Pickled Pear
Keep on Sunday we hosted a Winter Feast in honour of our friend Indre, who successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation. Nick and I cooked a seven course do to excess. Most of the dishes were taken from the French Laundry cookbook, by culinary sensei Thomas Keller. Some others were recreations of dishes that Nick had at his kin's restaurant in Aspen. Each dish was carefully paired with its "perfect" wine. The foie gras was a unique experience to prepare and to eat. I had not ever had fresh foie gras in my life, let alone prepared it. Keller recommends poaching it au torchon, a preparation method that allows for the least amount of liability liabilities of fat, given the very short time in the hot liquid. But it takes four days to make. So I started on thursday with a fresh foie gras, which we found at a steal $65 at Surfas (for about 1 1/4 pounds). The leading step is very easy, just rinse the liver, cover it with milk in an airtight container, and let it refrigerate overnight. This helps draw out...
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Creative Reuben Sandwich story, and my best Reuben Recipe on Light Rye bread
Creative Reuben Sandwich story, and my best Reuben Recipe on Light Rye bread
I had to prepare ones on Light Rye bread with no sauerkraut for the more "pansy" members of my family.... you know who you are! The whole thing with the Reuben sandwich controversy is mostly because it has to be an actual fact (i.e. a menu with a era, cookbook, contest, newspaper article/review) and not just an apocryphal story. So thats why it's not easy to place the true origin. The whole "Earl of sandwich" Kulakofsky contention sounds like total B.S. to me. The Seelos/Chaplin one is not much better. I'm sorry to have no facts to add...Just more stories. Keep in mind that I was a kid and my Gramma would exaggerate often. I do reminisce over vividly how my grandparents both fetishized Reuben's. My grandmother used to tell us her sister Fern Brooks (Fern Snider) invented the Reuben. She said Fern worked as a...
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Passover by Chart
Passover by Chart
quiet new Kosher cookbook received for review. 130 of the 160 recipes are non-gebrokts, or gluten-free, and because of kosher laws many are dairy free, too. I'm looking back to new recipes.
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The New Jewish Fete Cookbook
The New Jewish Fete Cookbook
CJ Reviews: New Kosher Cookbooks
CJ Reviews: New Kosher Cookbooks
... coordinates salad beforehand kosher cookbook salad time kosher cookbook
... coordinates salad beforehand kosher cookbook salad time kosher cookbook

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