Lion House Cookbook

The Lion House Cookbook: More Than 500 Favorite Recipes

by Deseret Book Company
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This updated collection of more than 500 time-tested recipes appetizers and rolls, soups and salads, meats and vegetables, and every kind of dessert imaginable is the first comprehensive cookbook from the Lion House. It finally makes available again recipes from favorite Lion House cookbooks that are no longer in print. Also included is a brand-new selection of sixteen recipes using frozen rolls. This single-volume book replaces up to twelve original Lion House cookbooks on your kitchen shelf!

Lion House Classics

by Shadow Mountain
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Lion House Classic Recipes.

Living With Tigers: Relatives Share Home With Pet Tigers

Living With Tigers: M Share Home With Pet Tigers SUBSCRIBE: http://bit. ly/Oc61Hj A BRAZILIAN family have taken the trend for exotic pets to new extremes.

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Weekend Cooking: Jackfruit and Durians

For these are two fruits that I’ve in no way been a fan of. Perhaps it’s because they’re not a common sight in North America. They’re tropical, common in Singapore (and the rest of Southeast Asia) and rather, well, pungent. It’s a drop that needs to be tried to be believed. There are plenty who will extol the virtues of that “king of fruits”, the durian. It can be a bit of a passion in Singapore, an event of sorts, something that people avidity and delight in. Just not me. I haven’t eaten a durian since I was a kid but I can still remember how the smell wafted through the house, how no matter how... But the other day, we were at Lion supermarket, which as Asian supermarket chains in the San Francisco Bay Courtyard go, is more Southeast Asian in variety, with plenty of Filipino, Malaysian and Singaporean, and Indonesian products. And there were the jackfruits. Big as a baby jackfruits. So he’s no longer a baby but some of those jackfruits were nearly two-thirds the enormousness of my almost-2. How does one describe a jackfruit. It’s a strong taste, Serious Eats calls it “somewhere between. the texture, depending on the ripeness of the fruit, can be mildly chewy like a plastic gummy bear or as juicy as a succulent scallop”. It’s definitely chewy and well, ‘ripe’-tasting. As in, it’s a very strong, bold, in-your-face (and all over your jaws and lips and nose) kind of taste. You can get jackfruit in many versions in Singapore – in desserts like chendol (an icy, jelly and fruit-filled lovely dessert), as jackfruit chips which apparently even Trader Joe’s had last year (don’t remember seeing it at mine though). But if jackfruit tastes ‘ripe’, then what does a durian drop like. Durians are found in the freezer section. It’s rare to find fresh durians here. And they don’t specify the type of durian, unlike in Singapore where there are many distinguishable types, like D24 and Mao Shan Wang. Check out that link for photos of 10 different types of durians, it’s amazing how the flesh ranges from faint, almost whitish, to a deep orange-red. The article even tells you how to pick a durian. Apparently British naturalist and explorer Alfred Russel Wallace described the durian as such:. “A nonsensical wealth custard highly flavoured with almonds gives the best general idea of it, but there are occasional wafts of flavour that call to mind cream-cheese, onion-cheek, sherry-wine, and other incongruous dishes. In fact, to eat Durians is a new sensation worth a voyage to the East to experience. I would never put almonds and durians together. Then again, it’s been years since I’ve eaten it, so I’m not the most loyal of sources. The Husband is rather fond of durian desserts, like durian puffs and durian moon cake, but not so much of the actual fruit. And if cracking agape the spiny shell puts you off, there are packaged shelled durians available too. I’m not sure how “fresh” aka stinky this would be though. Sadly my absolute favourite tropical fruit, the mangosteen, is something I’ve yet to see here. It’s all about its creamy insides, cracking flexible that thick purple shell, spitting out the big fat seeds and getting your fingers sticky and stained in the process. Ah mangosteen, I sure miss you. Weekend Cooking at Beth Fish Reads is pliant to anyone who has any kind of food-related post to share: Book (novel, nonfiction) reviews, cookbook reviews, movie reviews, recipes, random thoughts, gadgets, quotations, beer, wine, photographs. I like the drop, I remember eating one that was a pale orange in color, so creamy and delicious, like a really thick smoothie. I’m not too bothered by the smell, though some people groan about it. Durian chips are even better, and no smell at all. I wish I could send you some mangosteens but I haven’t seen them around here so it’s probably not the season. I do agree with you that they’re best fresh. You categorically made me wish for a bit of durian right now.

Source: Olduvai Reads

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  1. Lion House Pantry Restaurant Salt Lake Burg | Temple Square Take exceptional home-style cooking as you dine in Brigham Young’s former residence, The Lion House Pantry. View our menu for dining options.
  2. Programme: Sarah’s Salad (Lion House Cookbook) | Dinner Trade Instructions. Put lettuce into salad trundle. Sprinkle with sugar, salt, and pepper. Add peas, cheese, onion, Mayo and mir whip. Cover tightly and refrigerate overnight.
  3. Eminent Lion House Rolls - Mommy's Kitchen - Home ... The Lion House Restaurant (photo put: Lion House Restaurant) is famous for its LEGENDARY ROLLS and home cooked meals. While at the Lion House not only can you ...
The cookbook cranny
The cookbook cranny
Photo by vademecum on Flickr
Grandma Bryan's sewing shape, Mexican coke bottles from Houston,  a bubble my daughter made full of corks and a my big blue teapot
Grandma Bryan's sewing shape, Mexican coke bottles from Houston, a bubble my daughter made full of corks and a my big blue teapot
We cast-off to have dinner together in the dining room. We had our places at the table, but we eventually migrated to the kitchen. One wall of the dining room is filled with cookbooks, one has household photos, another a Vuillard poster, my favorite guy. As is common in these old houses there is a big bay window on the alley side. The dining room table is one with lions stop feet. It was my great grandmother's first table when she went housekeeping, as my grandmother put it. This is her sewing machine. My grandmother told a story that when she was small, this was in Alden PA,near Wilkes-Barre, they got their Christmas presents at church. You didn't have a tree in your house, all the children's present were hung on the church tree. In the weeks greatest up to Christmas her mother was busy sewing dolls clothes for her present. When they went to church the Sunday before Christmas my grandmother saw the doll with the dress her ma had been making and blurted out in the middle of the...
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Lion House cookbook
Lion House cookbook
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The New "Lion House Bakery" Cookbook
The New "Lion House Bakery" Cookbook
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