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The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook: 500 Vibrant, Kitchen-Tested Recipes for Living and Eating Well Every Day

by America's Test Kitchen
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  • America s Test Kitchen

Product description

There's a reason why people in the Mediterranean region are among the longest lived in the world--their diet, which focuses on olive oil, vegetables, healthy grains, and seafood, has been proven to be extremely beneficial for weight reduction, blood pressure control, and overall well-being.  America's Test Kitchen has taken these ingredients and produced innovative, delicious, and foolproof mains, sides, and appetizers that comply with this increasingly popular way of eating.  

Southern Kitchen Cookbook: Timeless Southern Cooking Family recipes

by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Bring the soulful goodness of Southern cuisine to your table! Your family and friends will love you for it.

We are all familiar with foods that are particularly “Southern” – fried chicken, jambalaya, collard greens, biscuits, and pecan pie, to name only a few favorites. All foods develop from a combination of the tastes and traditions of its populations, together with ingredients that are available in the area. Africa, Spain, France, and Scotland have all contributed to the development of Southern food as we think of it today. Each region brought its own ingredients and cooking methods, and combined them with the fresh local foods to create an irresistible cuisine we all love. Cooking authentic and traditional Southern favorites is easy when you have the right recipes like the ones contained in this cookbook. Your friends and family will certainly ask for seconds and, of course, your secret family recipes!
  • Discover the origins of Southern cooking
  • Over 85 authentic Southern recipes including appetizers, chicken & turkey, beef, pork, fish & seafood, sides, and desserts
  • Mouth-watering appetizer recipes like the Grandma’s Crawfish Chowder and the Coconut Shrimp,
  • Delicious chicken and turkey recipes like Grandma's Southern Fried Chicken, the Old Fashioned Chicken and Vegetable Roast and the Chicken Divan
  • Comforting beef recipes like the Beefy Bell Pepper Surprise and the Old-South Meatloaf
  • Wholesome pork recipes like the Low Country Slow Cooker Pulled Pork and the Southern Smothered Pork
  • Delightful fish and seafood recipes like the Grandma's Gumbo, the Shrimp Malacca and Rice, the Crawfish pie, and the Oyster Stew
  • Tasty vegetables and sides like the Fried Okra, the Old-Fashioned Creamed Corn, or the Louisiana Green Bean Casserole
  • Luscious dessert recipes like the Classic Key Lime Pie, the Best Ever Coconut Layered Cake, and the Southern Pecan Pie.

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February's Greatest-Selling Cookbooks: 'Thug Kitchen' and 'Inspiralized' Lead the Pack 03/02/15, via Yahoo Food

Inspiralized was the month's fourth-most average cookbook on, which the company's books editor Seira Wilson finds impressive. “[It was released] on February 24th and already came in at tot up 4,” she told us via email. But, ”Thug Kitchen is 

Paste Magazine

Movie queen of the Geek Cookbooks: Kitchen Overlord's Chris-Rachael Oseland 02/20/15, via Paste Magazine

CO: SteamDrunks: 101 Steampunk Cocktails and Tainted Drinks was my first cookbook. At the time, I had no idea it was the first step towards a new career. My favorite has to be Kitchen Overlord's Illustrated Geek Cookbook. Artist Tom Gordon and I spout

Robber Kitchen Cookbook Trailer (explicit)

Supervise the official trailer for the Thug Kitchen Cookbook available wherever books are sold October 2014 Thug Kitchen in association with Process Media http:/.

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Epitome of the Geek Cookbooks: Kitchen Overlord's Chris-Rachael Oseland - Paste Magazine

Can you pull up a map of the Shire from memory while munching on Second Breakfast, or name all 12 of the actors who have played Doctor Who on television, including which seasons. When you get together with your friends, do you about a dip that looks like zombie guts would really tie everything together. There are cookbooks for that, and Chris-Rachael Oseland wrote all of them. In the food writing world, getting a cookbook transaction means you’ve arrived. But cookbooks by a first-time author rarely make a publishing house any profit. When Chris-Rachel shopped around the proposal for SteamDrunks: 101 Steampunk Cocktails and Impure Drinks , she was greeted with stony silence or curt negative responses. Her niche is a far cry from the aspirational pseudo-perfection of food bloggers/lifestyle experts who keep an eye on to score deals these days. her books are about a very different kind of fantasy life. So she published SteamDrunks herself, and then followed that up with Dining with the Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook , a label she’s currently revising for an expanded second edition. Since 2013, Austin, Texas-based Chris-Rachael has been a full-time freelance cookbook litt and food blogger. she’s taken on cookbooks inspired by Settlers of Catan ( Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook ) and J. R. R. Tolkien ( An Unexpected Cookbook: The Secret Book of Hobbit Cookery ). Plus she’s constantly posting new recipes to her... Yes, it does look impressively like a severed arm. (An excerpt: “Elbows are genre of hard to make. Chris-Rachael knows her audience and loves what she does. She also probably blazes through more food coloring than any other food writer in America. Since her carved-out discoloration in the cookbook world is so unique, Paste wanted to find out more about how she got where she is today. Paste: What makes a recipe a good geek recipe. You mentioned your disapprobation of methods like the Star Wars Cookbook , which takes pretty normal recipes, gives them names with characters (the infamous Wookie Cookies) and calls it a day. Chris-Rachael Oseland: A sufficient geek recipe needs to be drawn from the fandom it represents. Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Lehrer, authors of A Feast of Ice and Fire , did satisfactory work creating dishes from the Game of Thrones books based on George R. R. Martin’s descriptions. If you can’t draw on something referenced in your favorite show or reserve, use your imagination and channel your childhood Play-Doh skills to make something instantly recognizable. I’ve made huevos rancheros in the shape of Captain America’s protection, icebox cookies shaped like Deadpool’s belt buckle, a banana spread that looks like freshly spilled zombie guts. Paste: What geek things reword best to food. CO: Look for simple geometric shapes. Deadpool’s belt buckle is a great example. You have a black circle surrounded by a red division, with a red line going down the middle and a white dot on either side. I’ve made everything from sushi to cinnamon rolls using that. The TARDIS is just a big blue rectangle with two rows of spontaneous smaller rectangles. Don’t waste a week making intricate fondant sculptures that no one will appreciate. Instead, go look at the Minimalist Superheroes infographic for spirit and ask how you can apply those same principles to your favorite fandom. Paste: Which of your geek cookbooks came first. CO: SteamDrunks: 101 Steampunk Cocktails and Mixed Drinks was my beforehand cookbook. At the time, I had no idea it was the first step towards a new career. My favorite has to be Kitchen Overlord’s Illustrated Geek Cookbook. I can honestly say there’s nothing like it out there, which is a rather good feeling. Paste: What’s your background as a follower and fan of geek books, movies, and TV series. CO: I’m a second generation geek who grew up going to conventions with my mom, which means I don’t have the routine Geek Origin Story moment when a new book or movie.

Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder with Cherry Base
Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder with Cherry Base

Home & Outdoor

Stop fumbling with heavy cookbooks in your kitchen and give them a place to rest with this beautifully crafted, large-sized cookbook holder. The cherry wood base is sturdy enough to handle any size book, and adjusts to a comfortable reading angle. The clear acrylic shield stands in front of your cookbook to protect it from cooking splatter. A stylish black metal hinge allows the entire holder to fold flat for storage, and also permits the shield to be pulled forward for easy page turning. The extra large size is perfect for larger books. Proudly made in the U.S.A.


Paula Deen Signature Pantryware Cookbook Stand
Paula Deen Signature Pantryware Cookbook Stand

Home & Outdoor

Pamper your home with my new line of kitchen accessories. These treasures are sure to be a hit in your kitchen that you will enjoy for years to come. You'll want to keep them on your countertop to display with delight. Best Dishes! - Paula Deen


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On a judicious point, while some may like to browse for recipes on the Internet, it can be tricky trying to cook from a laptop or phone in the kitchen for fear of spilling ingredients on your device.” Priya Kapoor, Article Director at Roli Books ...

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Separate your recipes into categories e.g., breakfast, lunch, soups, salads, etc., so you can easily access the type of recipe you need when you need it. 3. Ask for help in the kitchen Ask for supporter in the kitchen from people that live with you. Extra help ...

Seven Network backs chef Pete Evans notwithstanding health warning over his new baby cookbook - 03/14/15, via The Telegraph

in the face the recent controversy surrounding the My Kitchen Rules judge, even investing in a second series. Evans was this week embroiled in drama when news broke that the disenthral of a Paleo cookbook for babies, which he co-authored, had been delayed after ...


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