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Wall Street Journal Best Seller!

Make the desserts that made Junior’s deli famous. Along with their signature cheesecake, Junior’s is renowned for their iconic black ’n whites, towering cakes, flaky pies, and luscious sundaes. Learn the secrets to their success with Junior’s Dessert Cookbook – and duplicate 75 of their most-loved delights.

Many never-before-published recipes. Authors Alan Rosen and Beth Allen put together this incredible collection of recipes – many of them never published before – that range from simple cupcakes to elaborate multi-layer confections. These restaurant recipes retain their authentic flavors and yet they can be easily made in family-size portions right in your own kitchen.

Secret family recipes revealed. Rosen, a third-generation co-owner of Junior’s, enhances this cookbook with entertaining family tidbits, bits of history, and sidebars on “The Junior’s Way,” sharing what his family has learned about baking over the years.

Earn kudos for fabulous sweets. You’ll love Junior’s Dessert Cookbook because it’s your guide to creating show-stopping desserts for every taste, plus slimmed down, light versions sure to please calorie counters. Make a name for yourself with amazing desserts that rival the famous originals.

Junior's Cheesecake Cookbook: 50 To-Die-For Recipes of New York-Style Cheesecake

by Taunton Press
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Product description

For nearly six decades, cheesecake-lovers have made the pilgrimage to Junior's restaurant for legendary dreamy, creamy slices. But now you don't need to trek to Brooklyn for "to-die-for" cheesecake because you can whip up these cakes right in your own kitchen with the help of Junior's Cheesecake Cookbook.

Alan Rosen, the grandson of Junior's founder, reveals the very recipe that made Junior's reputation -- the Original New York Cheesecake, unchanged since 1950. But that's just the start. There's Banana Fudge, Lemon Coconut, Strawberry Parfait, Brownie Swirl cheesecake...well, you get the idea...50 fabulous reasons to indulge.

The must-have book for everyone who thinks a slice of cheesecake is a taste of heaven!

    • Cheesecake 101 -- a course-in-a-chapter. See how a little "babying" (a water bath, keeping cooling cakes out of drafts) goes a long way to ensuring crust and filling perfection. Includes a trouble-shooting chart, and wonderful garnish and flourish how-to's.
    • Junior's Favorites -- the "original," plain and wonderful, then mounded with fresh fruit, glistening with glaze, laden with crunch, swirled with chocolate, pumpkin, even peanut butter and jelly
    • "Reasons to Celebrate" -- Cherry Heart, Easter Egg, Christmas Tree, Stars & Stripes...festive cheesecakes for every occasion
    • Did somebody say "chocolate?" Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Marble, Chocolate Crunch, Candy Bar Explosion...need we say more?
    • Little Fellas -- small in size, big in flavor, fast to make because they're mostly all filling. Freezable too. (Junior's tip: Double the recipe, and defrost to enjoy any time!)
    • Skyscrapers -- incredible cakes within cakes. Delicious homemade layer cakes (like devil's food) hold extra creamy layers of cheesecake.
  • Terrific "inside" tips and mouthwatering full-color photos throughout

Juniors Cheesecake Formula


Juniors Cheesecake Prescription. Junior's Cheesecake recipe - WABC 7online.

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My Cookbook Whip-round 015
I consumed hours pouring over my mom's big old cookbook as a kid. It had a big influence on me - design wise, anyways. The big one was a graduation gift to my mom in 1953. I picked up the kiddie version later. I love "Mastery Homes and Gardens" cookbooks. Most of them have classic illustrations and fonts that perfectly mirror the design and fashion of the times. And the recipes are melodic good, too.
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