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Anticancer: A New Way of Life

by Viking
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  • Viking Books

Product description

Anticancer has been a bestselling phenomenon since Viking first published it in fall 2008. Now, a new edition addresses current developments in cancer research and offers more tips on how people living with cancer can fight it and how healthy people can prevent it. The new edition of Anticancer includes:

• The latest research on anticancer foods, including new alternatives to sugar and cautions about some that are now on the market
• New information about how vitamin D strengthens the immune system
• Warnings about common food contaminants that have recently been proven to contribute to cancer progression
• A new chapter on mind-body approaches to stress reduction, with recent studies that show how our reactions to stress can interfere with natural defenses and how friendships can support healing in ways never before understood
• A groundbreaking study showing that lifestyle modification, as originally proposed in Anticancer, reduces mortality for breast cancer by an astounding 68 percent after completion of treatment
• New supporting evidence for the entire Anticancer program

Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking

by Alfred A. Knopf
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  • one volume Marcella Hazan's classic Italian cooking

Product description

The most important, consulted, and enjoyed Italian cookbook of all time, from the woman whointroduced Americans to a whole new world of Italian food. Essentials of Italian Cooking is a culinary bible for anyone looking to master the art of Italian cooking, bringing together Marcella Hazan’s most beloved books, The Classic Italian Cook Book and More Classic Italian Cooking, in a single volume, updated and expanded with new entries and 50 new recipes. Designed as a basic manual for cooks of all levels of expertise—from beginners to accomplished professionals—it offers both an accessible and comprehensive guide to techniques and ingredients and a collection of the most delicious recipes from the Italian repertoire. As home cooks who have used Marcella’s classic books for years (and whose copies are now splattered and worn) know, there is no one more gifted at teaching us just what we need to know about the taste and texture of a dish and how to achieve it, and there is no one more passionate and inspiring about authentic Italian food.

Perhaps more than any other person, Marcella Hazan is responsible for bringing Italian cuisine into the homes of American cooks. We're not talking spaghetti and meatballs here--Hazan's cuisine consists of polenta, risotto, squid braised with tomatoes and white wine, sautéed swiss chard with olive oil and garlic.... Twenty years ago, when Hazan first exploded into the American consciousness with The Classic Italian Cook Book and More Classic Italian Cooking, such recipes were revolutionary. With time, however, these classic dishes have become much-beloved family favorites.

Now a new generation is ready to be introduced to Marcella Hazan's way with food, and in Essentials of Italian Cooking Hazan combines her two earlier works into one update and expanded volume. In addition to the delicious collection of recipes, this book serves as a basic manual for cooks of every skill level. Recipes have been revised to reduce fat content, and a whole new chapter full of fundamental information about herbs, spices, and cheeses used in Italian kitchens--as well as details on how to select specific ingredients--has been added. New chapters, new recipes--who could ask for more than Essentials of Italian Cooking?

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  1. The Fat Duck Cookbook: Heston Blumenthal: 9781608190201 ... The Fat Duck Cookbook [Heston Blumenthal] on Amazon.com. *Undo* shipping on qualifying offers. Back by popular demand, a lower-priced version of the must-have ...
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the fat duck cookbook english pdf 532 pages 1 33 gb in this pleasant ...
the fat duck cookbook english pdf 532 pages 1 33 gb in this pleasant ...
the big fat duck cookbook pdf download
the big fat duck cookbook pdf download
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the fat duck cookbook pdf
the fat duck cookbook pdf
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