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From the acclaimed author of the best selling Dinner Ideas Cookbook series -

Chai Street: Indian Street Food Recipes for Vegans and Vegetarians celebrates the street food of India. 30 recipes from the different regions are explained step by step for global readers, augmented with highly illustrative and beautiful food photos. Street food equals fun, and the book takes a playful look at favorites such as Bhel Puri, Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji from the streets of Mumbai, Bread Pakora and Aloo Chaat from Delhi, Chura Matar of Benaras, Idli from the South, Momos from the North and North East and of course, Chai Latte or Masala Chai, the fuel India runs on.

Chai Street makes exotic Indian food is easily accessible to culinary adventurers and home cooks across the world. The recipes in the book are Bold, saucy, spicy, tangy, loaded with a variety of flavors and textures that explode in your mouth, teasing your taste buds. Just the way Indian Street Food should be!

Praise for other books in the Dinner Ideas series -

5 stars - '...handy book for a vegan bean lover...'
5 stars - 'Great Kindle Book - 30 Days of Daal - recipes are easy and delicious...'
5 stars - ' great book for vegetarians and international food lovers...I'm in Daal heaven with this book...'
5 stars - '...first introduction to Daal...pleased to have so many recipes to try...'
4 stars - '...great cookbook... I loved the bright and cheerful photography...'
4 stars - '...Can you think of even 5 ways to serve daal? Delicious looking photographs, enough to make your mouth water...'

5 stars - '...Wonderful book... couldn't resist "Get Well Soon Rice Stew"...'
5 stars - '...World cuisine made accessible to weeknight cooks...'

Product description

From the acclaimed author of '30 Days of Daal' -

Rice Bowl features vegetarian and vegan recipes from the heartland of India. The book features stunning food photos and popular dishes like pilafs and biryani. Step by step instructions, special notes, advice on how to cook rice using several different methods, make this book a usable hands on guide for adventurous cooks the world over.

The author uses a Less is More approach using a limited number of herbs and spices to enhance a dish.

Rice is the staple diet of most people in Asia, and is an important food group. Any Indian meal is incomplete without rice.

Rice Bowl is the second book in the path breaking Dinner Ideas Series. Rice is the staple diet of people in Asia, and is an important food group. Any Indian meal is incomplete without rice.

Featured recipes to note are the Golden Spiced Rice or Masalebhat of Maharashtra, Fruit & Nut Rice Pilaf of the far north/ Kashmir, Vangi Bhat and tomato rice of the South, Pilafs and Biryani, street food favorites like Bombay Skillet Rice or Schezwan fried Rice and so on.

Serve these as the main dish or pair them with an Indian meal. Now you can easily plan an Indian curry dinner and wow your family with these bold and flavorful rice creations from India.

Don't forget to check out the other books in the series, 30 Days of Daal which celebrates lentils, and Chai Street, a celebration of Indian Street Food.

" DESI CHICKEN KARAHI " Bajias Cooking

Ingredients: 1 usual-large onion,½ cup oil, 1 big piece ginger and 1 large whole garlic/ if the garlic is small take 1 ½, 1 large tomato, ¾ ts loaded salt, ¾ .

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So many of my childhood memories were centered around food. This cookbook has family tested recipes that children and adults really like and can help you get started creating your own memories for your family. Everyone has very busy schedules and it is hard to have a meal with the whole family. We need to take the time to preserve the family meals times and it is my hope that these delicious recipes will have your family saying, More, Please! Mary Helen Turner currently lives in Southern California. Trained as a Home Economist, she enjoys cooking for her family and friends. She loves the companionship of Lucy and Desi, adorable felines from a local animal shelter.


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recipes - Pakistani Recipes - Desi Cookbook
recipes - Pakistani Recipes - Desi Cookbook
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