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Top 65 Jamaican Recipes That will Blow You Away!

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Whether you’re trying Jamaican cuisine for the first time or you long for the flavors of home, this is the Jamaican cookbook for you. It also makes a great gift for friends and family.

When you buy this jamaican recipes cookbook, you will learn recipes like:

1. Pesto Pasta Salad with Chicken Breast

2. Tasty Christmas Fruit Cake

3. Amazing Stamp and Go Recipe

4. Chicken Pumpkin Soup

5. Green Banana Salad

6. Tasty Rum Punch

7. Sweet Jamaican Rum Punch

8. Jamaican Juice

9. Amazing Escovitch Fish and Bammy Bites

10. Black cake


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Have you fallen in love with Caribbean Cuisine, but don’t know where to get the really good Caribbean recipes? If so, then this Caribbean cookbook will be a God send for you! Caribbean Cuisine offers a wide array of traditional spices, tangy taste profiles, food with heat, and many more exotic tastes.

From fruit cake to Rum punch, or from Trinidadian Curry to Jamaica’s Ackee and Saltfish; there are so many Caribbean recipes that are featured in this Caribbean cookbook. Sure, you can find many completed Caribbean cookbooks on just about every corner, however, this cookbook comes equipped with easy to follow instructions that will have you cooking like a Caribbean diva or king in no time!

Grab a copy of the book and let’s head off to the kitchen.

Conventional Caribbean Peppersauce (hot sauce) Recipe.

Learn how to set upon traditional Caribbean peppersauce (hot sauce) with the help of Caribbean cookbook author and food personality, Chris De La Rosa. Pepper sau.

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Solanum lycopersicum
Solanum lycopersicum
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Photo by SantiMB.Photos on Flickr
This company, photographed from the bus window, specializes in "fritadas, chicken soup, soft drinks and beers. The daily special, advertised in the upper properly, seems to be free-range chicken soup. I haven't been able to pin down what exactly you'd be served if you asked for a fritada in Ecuador. According to one on-line thesaurus, a fritada is "a stew usually made with goat meat, which always contains some animal blood." Yum! I'd rule out that recipe of because it sounds like a dish you'd contend with in Cuba or any one of the many Caribbean Latin American nations where goat is widely consumed. Within the context of this photo and Ecuador generally, I'd say "fritadas" - plural - are not goat stews, unless the chef relies heavily on that venerable cookbook, "Goat Every NIght and Never the Same Twice." No, I think here a fritada would be a stir-fry dish. It might even contain a little pork freshly carved from the carcass in the far left...
Photo by A.Davey on Flickr
... of "Caribbean Cookbook Legitimate Recipes Unusual" by Rita G Springer
... of "Caribbean Cookbook Legitimate Recipes Unusual" by Rita G Springer
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... Cookbook: A Accumulation of Unique and Delicious Caribbean Recipes
picture cover of The Complete Caribbean Cookbook By Pamela Lalbachan
picture cover of The Complete Caribbean Cookbook By Pamela Lalbachan
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