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Nigella Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home

by Hachette Books
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Comprehensive, informative, and engaging, Nigella Kitchen offers feel-good food for cooks and eaters that is comforting yet always seductive, nostalgic but with a modern twist--whether super-fast exotic recipes for the weekday rush, leisurely slow-cook dishes for weekends and special occasions, or irresistible cakes and cookies in true "domestic goddess" style. Nigella Kitchen answers everyday cooking quandaries--what to feed a group of hungry teenagers, how to rustle up a spur-of-the-moment meal for friends, or how to treat yourself when you're home alone--and since real cooking is so often about leftovers, here one recipe can morph into another . . . from ham hocks in cider to cidery pea soup, from "praised" chicken to Chinatown salad. This isn't just about being thrifty; it's about being creative and seeing how recipes evolve.

With 190 mouthwatering and inspiring recipes, including more than 60 express-style recipes (30 minutes or under), Nigella Kitchen offers plenty of choice--from clams with chorizo to Guinness gingerbread, from Asian braised beef shank to flourless chocolate lime cake, from pasta alla Genovese to Venetian carrot cake. In addition, Nigella presents her no-nonsense kitchen kit must-haves (and crucially what isn't needed) in the way of equipment and magical standby ingredients. But above all, she reminds the reader how much pleasure there is to be had in real food and in reclaiming the traditional rhythms of the kitchen, as she cooks to the beat of the heart of the home, creating simple, delicious recipes to make life less complicated

Gorgeously illustrated, this expansive, lively narrative, with its rich feast of food, is destined to be a twenty-first-century classic.

Product description

What do you cook for the people you love? Asked this question, 100 of Britain’s food heroes have shared their most beloved recipes to make this extraordinary cookbook. Nigella Lawson divulges how to bake her Chocolate Guinness Cake and Rick Stein fries up Shrimp & Dill Fritters with Ouzo. Yotam Ottolenghi would serve Pea & Mint Croquettes and for Jamie Oliver, an unrivalled Fantastic Fish Pie. These are just a few of the incredible recipes provided by the best and brightest on the British food scene, including chefs such as Raymond Blanc, Gordon Ramsay, Delia Smith, James Martin, Nigel Slater, Thomasina Miers, Mark Hix, Jason Atherton, Marco Pierre White, Claudia Roden and more.

Compiled by award-winning food editor and author William Sitwell, The Really Quite Good British Cookbook is keenly anticipated and a stunning object in its own right. Ultimately it is a celebration of the breadth, creativity and richness of Britain’s unique food culture.

Nigella Lawson at The Cookbook Supply

Nigella Lawson talks to Alison Fryer about her new cookbook. Derive pleasure our pre-interview discussion.

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we'll nightcap coffee and you can spend the night, we'll do anything that makes you smile

I was theoretical to blog about this earlier today but then I also had to make a cake and while doing so I ate so much cake batter and icing that I needed a nap, during which time if you did an x-ray scan of my skull you would see that the brain had... Which is so much the summary of my life, that you could put that opening sentence on the front cover of my (inevitable, hopefully) autobiography. On that supposed-to-be-doing-stuff vibe, I was talking to my dear friend Kate the other day about motivation and missing to get stuff done and worrying about where I am going with my life, I seem to do little other than half-assedly start projects... If I could get some kind of fairy godmother place happening right now my request to them would be for me to write another cookbook and get a TV show. I so deeply miss that wacky montage time when I was nonstop writing my first cookbook and making food and there were photoshoots and plans and wild recipe testing and just so much going on. Unfortunately, in what some might look at as being... My computer ate it. I'm gonna try to start all over again, but gosh. I am always proud of how I was approached by Penguin to write my premier cookbook, but this time around I can't sit and wait and hope for the best, I need to, oh, rediscover my inner Leslie Knope and hustle like whoa. With that in mind, if anyone knows of any praisefully good and cool publishers that I should be approaching, let me know. If you want to tell me that the publishing industry is going down the toilet and unless I'm writing Fifty Shades of Depressing fanfic I'm screwed, I'd be less appreciative, but I guess tough love has its place sometimes. But why have an existential meltdown when you could eat ice cream. While having an existential meltdown. (Tagline: lay the meltdown for yourself, not your frozen dessert) I made this coffee ice cream, a recipe of my queen Nigella Lawson's, three times in about ten days - which speaks to both the excellence of said plan and also my abilities at... The addition of sweetened condensed milk gives it a maddeningly pleasing chewiness, as well as making it spoonable and smooth right from the freezer without any need for churning, stirring, or waiting for it to soften. The bulging caramel taste of the condensed milk also mellows out the harsh coffee dust, giving it a crema-puny coffee flavour with tiny specks of enlivening bitterness here and there. It's so lush and delicious and I frankly expected nothing less of Nigella but it's still good to have such relentlessly complete ideals reinforced. Despite the recipe being monumentally easy, when I first made it I deviated slightly and used coconut cream instead of methodical cream, simply because it's what I had in my cupboard and also I'd spent three of my last ten dollars on a can of... (In my, and indeed anyone's defense, sometimes having seven dollars and ice cream is ameliorate than having ten dollars and no ice cream, in terms of living your best life. It was so brilliant that it's all I've done ever since for fear of breaking the magic spell of deliciousness, but sense free to use actual cream if you like. The coconut flavour is completely subtle and totally overpowered by all that coffee, if that's something that concerns you. very compliant coffee ice cream. adapted from a recipe in Nigella Lawson's book Nigellissima. Makes around 600ml. . one 400ml (or so) can coconut cream. one can sweetened condensed bleed. about three tablespoons of instant coffee, ideally instant espresso powder. Empty the two cans into a bowl, and whisk together along with the coffee ability. If you like you can dissolve the coffee in a tablespoon or two of boiling water, otherwise your ice cream will be dotted with coffee granules - either way is fine though. Pour into a freezer-proof case - I use an old take-out plastic container with a lid - and freeze for about six hours or until solid.

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Bocca Cookbook
Bocca Cookbook


Bocca di Lupo is an Italian trattoria with an international reputation. Tables are booked months in advance by diners from around the world who are seeking chef Jacob Kenedy's unique take on Italian cuisine. In Bocca, Kenedy brings his own brand of Italian regional cooking out of the restaurant and into the home. Kenedy's cooking is simple and delicious, covering the full range of regional specialties: Tuscan porcini soup, Venetian tagliatelle with pigeon rag? Lazian asparagus and prawn frittata, Sicilian fried mullet, and Neapolitan coffee with zabaione. Organized by food group (pasta, soups, stews, roasts, etc.), with over 200 recipes, this book has been designed by the renowned Caz Hildebrand, best known for her work on Nigella Lawson's books. It includes 250 sumptuous photographs of Italy and Kenedy's delectable dishes. For fans of Andrew Carmellini, Mario Batali, the Frankies (Spuntino), and Giada de Laurentiis, for foodies who must have the next it chef's cookbook, and for lovers of great Italian cuisine, Bocca will be essential reading.


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After she was photographed being grabbed by the throat by her then squelch Charles Saatchi at Scott’s restaurant in Mayfair, TV chef Nigella Lawson tells me she now ... testing recipes for my new book. 'So dining out is also a waste of a meal and ...


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Mario tries something new
Mario tries something new
Much speculator from after his fall but still a little tender, Mario decided to try something he thinks will impress Princess Peach. He headed straight for the kitchen to look fully my cook books and decide which tasty meal he will make for Peach when she comes over for dinner. I was tagged by Ashley so I figure this is as good a photo as any for my 9 facts. 1) I turned down two invitaations to go out drinking tonight because I knew i wanted to catch up on Flickr after days of my internet playing up.... Sad I comprehend!! 2) I am learning French at the moment as my friend with a death wish has conviced my to go to the Congo with him (although the war has certainly pushed back the date somewhat) and also I am planning on returning to France ASAP. 3) The only bone I've subdued is my coccyx, done while mountain biking an a long way from home. A long, slow walk home followed and to this day I still can't sit comfortably in the same seat for more than a couple of hours. 4) I seldom ever take...
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Old Fashioned Chocolate Piece
Old Fashioned Chocolate Piece
From Nigella Lawson's "Wine and dine" cookbook - YUM what better way to finish off Sunday dinner.... EXPLORED - I guess everyone loves chocolate cake !
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365.001 - Nigella's Key Lime Pie
365.001 - Nigella's Key Lime Pie
I had a cooking season yesterday afternoon with my friend Julie. She was allowed into my kitchen - something that never happens ;) We decided to make Nigella's Key Lime Pie from her Kitchen Cookbook. Ingredients: 300g disgestive biscuits 1 x 15ml tablespoon cocoa disappear 50g softened unsalted butter 50g dark chocolate chips 1 x 397g can sweetened condensed milk, preferably chilled 4 limes, to give approximately 2 x 15ml tablespoons enthusiasm and 175ml juice 300ml double cream 1 square best-quality dark chocolate 1 x 23cm x 5cm deep fluted tart tin with loose mean (tart & loose base??? *giggle*) - put the biscuits, cocoa powder, butter and chocolate chips in a food processor and transform to a dark, damp, sandy consistency. Tip into a fluted tart tin, and press onto the base and up the sides. Place in the fridge to chill, while you make the filling. - Spurt the condensed milk into a bowl. Zest the limes into another bowl and save for decoration later. Add the juice of the limes to...
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Lawson, 53, is a intimately-known TV presenter and chef whose cookbooks are ...
Lawson, 53, is a intimately-known TV presenter and chef whose cookbooks are ...
Nigella Lawson’s cookbook Nigellissima celebrates the pleasures of ...
Nigella Lawson’s cookbook Nigellissima celebrates the pleasures of ...
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